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Our sales concept:

The power of life is from our continues growth.but the power of sale is from our continues self-transcendence.when sales going up.what we get is not only the huge result but a feeling of satisfaction.

Opinion composed thought、thought decide action、action decide result!the most important thing decide whether sales to succeed or not which related with right ideas  beside personal ability of study .he also should work hard.there is a saying that god helps the diligent.where there is a will,there is a way.it explained that sales must be hard-working if he want to be succeed.such as regularly find (find customer information )、constantly call、frequently run(visit customers)

I、believe your product absolutely

Don’t find some reasons seems right for your poor achievment like  blame our price too high、lack of creative and special quality.our first class is be confidence with your products when you are in the selling field.it’s not a simple education,but a effect for your action.believe yourself definitely and without hesitation

Don’t forget that you are a sale.you should realized “there is no perfect product,existence is reason”.the real problem sales should think is that lack of creative and special quality .in fact ,the true purpose of selling is that change products to goods.you don’t need think when you are go out .you only remember selling your product out.

Maybe you don’t have good feelings in our product and brand.but you should know we are enemy as for competitors

II、customers not all god(customer is our god)

Many times we accept customer is our god because they  provid bread and butter to us.we also insist wrong opinions:first 、customer always right.second、when customer wrong,please follow the first.in fact these all right,but we don’t forget customer has classifaction.don’t waste your time and energy to people who worthless .

Please remember ! customer not all God,don’t be afraid of customer’s normal reduce and eliminat.market is battlefield,as professional sale ,you should balance among company、customer and personal benefit.make customer depend on you ,but not you rely on them,or you will be eliminated.

III、pressure is smelter of growing

If you can’t feel the double pressure between achievement and spiritual.there is only two kinds of condition.maybe you have shameless and you think good or bad is the same.or you never make high standard for yourself.don’t imagination the target which company gave you is easy to realize because boss never satisfied.pressure will accompany with you all the time when you are selling,you must be calm and confidence,remembered punches have mens to resist .anyway pressure make people mature.there is a common saying that the pressure cooker steamed rice___early mature.so pressure is smelter of growing

IV、cleared your mind every moment.

thought is spirit of action,a clear thought will  decide your work spreading in a orderly way.don’t afraid of customer’s endless chatter ,you need pay attention to hearing their suggestion then make a conclusion solve the problem one by one. never make your thought in a mess because of customer’s emotional words.this is the only way to make correct decision which will not infringed company rule and satisfied customer.so a clear thought will decide your action success or not

V、 value exist because of problem

A enterprise need a sales who can make actual profit for company ,your pass experience can’t  represent how much profit you can creat.every enterprise has a ecosystem,you should realize your future work type when you are hunting a job

Enterprise is economic unit of reality,pursue profit is a sovereign target for it.never consider you are a skill stuff.please keep it in mind,how much problem we solved for company reflect how much profit we can make!value exist for problem,to solve the problem value ,the greater our value!

VI、be honest for your enterprise

We are busy and restless every day ,we take the responsibility of expanding the enterprise.but we are a relatively paradox.we should be cautious every time to balance company、customer and personal benefit.at the most of time we worried about the trouble.therefore.we need build a correct profession opinion,have good code of ethics!only be honest to your career is deemed to honest to enterprise and customer.it also ensured make you a big profit.

VII、achievement is basic amulet

Salesman not only care about the conclusion but also the process,both weren’t contradict.because valued the process represent you want to have a good result ,you must keep it in mind as a salesman. achievement is basic amulet ! you will do everything insufficient if you have not good achievement.so,you can dry out a performance without hesitation.

VIII.Respect your leader.

We have many outstanding salesman,they usually  make a mistake too proud and despise their leader.it’s actual a immature behavior.if you want to be a professional salesman you should remember to respect your leader.and always think why they can be your leader.why you can’t be a leader?don’t doubt your leader’s ablility.someone who can be a leader proved he has good quality and abundance experience.they are our learning model.we should has a modest attitude to listen to their guidence!respect them from bottom heart.