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Our products used in Ceramic ( report from CCTV)


On September 15th,CCTV4 live panglobe instrument to burn Confucius porcelain carving statues,

dehua county hold the ceremony,that reconstruction was completed and the temple,a statue of

Confucius porcelain carving statues in the highly anticipated,the mysterious veil,the statue of

Confucius porcelain carving , 2.219 meters wide,0.86 meters high, weighing more than 300KG,

modelling,solemn face, warm white,with great painters in the tang dynasty, is based on the Con-

fucius portrait  Wu Daozi porcelain carving statues of Confucius. Recently , confirmed by the

Shanghai great world guinness headquarters, the statue to become the world's highest porcelain

carving statues , a guinness world  record . As Confucius as master Lai Litong with one of the

creators,  after three years, painstaking research,only in September 28 the nikkei  1300 ℃ high

temperature burn becomes.In the  future,Confucius will  be displayed in dehua county, Confucian

temple, for all to see.